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Clear Blue meets Siam Park

Like just about everyone in Tenerife, the staff at Clear Blue Skies Group S.L. (British Estate Agents in Fañabé, Tenerife) had been waiting for the opening of Siam Park with eager anticipation. Here in their own words, are the recollections of two of the Clear Blue staff. Suzie Perry was the Sales Manager at Clear Blue Skies Group in Fañabé for many years, and has sold many properties in Tenerife; this is how she recounted her first visit to the magnificent Siam Park in San Eugenio, South Tenerife.

“Having lived in Tenerife for many years, and having sold a number of the villas and other properties overlooking Siam Park, I was desperate to visit it. I arrived at the park at 12.30 to join my husband & friends visiting from the UK with their daughter Olivia (3 yrs old). Not a queue in sight, I walked straight through the entrance and was greeted by a member of staff armed with a map showing me the locations of all the attractions.

First point of attraction was the Sea Lion pool, where I stopped for a good 10 minutes watching them show off, swimming and playing around. I then walked past the Thai floating market which houses shops & cafes as well as lockers to stow away your belongings and a place to hire towels if you forgot to bring them with you.

Onto the beach area where I caught up with the rest of the gang who had been there since 10 am, by now it was lunch time so we decided to eat in the Beach Club restaurant situated in front of the beach. Self service style, this eaterie gives you the choice of salads, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, pasta, chicken nuggets and chips at reasonable prices. You are not allowed to eat on the beach although you can eat your lunch on the terrace of the restaurant, most of the terrace is covered for those who do not like to eat in the sun although there are a few tables in the sun for those who prefer that. 

After lunch we went back to the sun beds that adorn the beach area (these are free) so Olivia could have a siesta under the sun umbrella (also free). Meanwhile, we went for a swim in the huge beach pool known as “The Wave Palace”, one thing I did notice was the significant presence of lifeguards, most of whom spoke English.

All of a sudden there was a siren and large jets of water appeared to announce the start of the wave machine, which went on for about 10 minutes before stopping and starting again at various times throughout the day. Next stop was the lazy “Sawasdee” river which you can go on in pairs or just on your own, as you float along the streams with sub tropical plants aplenty and you can listen to the piped Thai music and feel totally relaxed, again the presence of life guards along the journey were there to help if, like us, you got stuck on the rocks and needed a kick start!  Olivia was given a life jacket and was able to sit on her Mums knee to enjoy the experience too. You should be aware that the Siam Park does not permit you to wear glasses of any type on the attractions so be sure to put your contact lenses in!

The Tower of Power was our next port of call. Olivia and her Mum stayed in the viewing area while we climbed the stairs to the starting point. From the viewing area they could see into the lagoon which housed an array of beautifully coloured fish and glass tubes running through the middle. Once at the top of the stairs, you are greeted by a Life Guard who explains in English & Spanish the position you must assume before getting gently nudged down the slide, through the glass tunnel and out into the pool at the bottom where another life guard is waiting to help you out. Not for the faint hearted!!

Moving on again we went to the dual rides named “The Dragon” and “The Volcano”. Both are accessed by steps and are split into 2 queues once up there, 1 life guard for each ride explains the safety rules. Up to 4 people can go at one time on an inflatable ring that rafts you through tunnels and drops, some stages you are in complete darkness and wonder what's around the next corner.  The Dragon was my favourite and I managed to get back on three more times before the day was out. A tip for “scaredy cats”, don't sit with your back facing down the ride, try to get a side position or face down. With adrenalin pumping we decided to go for something to eat and drink in the Thai restaurant and bar, situated in front of these rides. This was a similar layout to the beach restaurant, however as well as serve yourself options, they also feature some Oriental wok dishes and a roof terrace with cafe/bar and sofa seating.

The Lost City was favourite for Olivia, a supervised fun area split into 2 sections for the younger children with pool, tunnels, water shoots, water guns and a huge bucket of cold water waiting to be tipped over anyone who dared to walk below it. Ample seating & shade for parents to watch their kids having fun.

The park closed at 6pm so at 5.45pm the rides were closed giving everyone time to pack up and leave. We all left feeling happy and relaxed and could not wait to tell all our friends about it. A great day out & very good value for money, I am looking forward to my next visit already and I am absolutely sure that the property market in Tenerife will be enhanced by the opening of this wonderful attraction”.

Our conclusion? It was a long time coming, but like most great things, it is well worth the wait. We truly believe that Siam Park will attract a huge number of tourists, and will have wide reaching benefits to every part of the local economy from hotels to taxis, from bars and restaurants to property. See you there...

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