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Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Address (link to the map):
C/. Bruselas, C.C. Fañabé Plaza 129,
38660, Adeje,
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

Phone: +34 922 71 47 72, .

Opening times:
Mon – Thu: 9.30 – 19.00
Friday: 9.30 – 17.00
Saturday: 10.00 – 13.00



Our Customers opinions are of paramount importance to us and that is why every client who purchases or sells a property through Clear Blue Skies Group SL is invited to complete a Customer Satisfaction survey where they are asked to evaluate our performance. Clients are asked a number of specific questions, and are invited to write comments, good or bad. Here is a comprehensive list of the surveys. The originals of all completed surveys can be read in full at our Fañabé office.

We are extremely proud of having 606 genuine testimonials which are provided by buyers and sellers of properties after completion of their sales.

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L. 4.9 606 606
Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Lyndon & Stella Preece Who Bought in Amarilla Golf


We put our house on the market in April 2016, first step on our journey to Tenerife. With a holiday to Tenerife booked for 25th June we started our on-line search for our home in Tenerife.

Clear Blue Skies were extremely prompt in answering our enquiries. A lovely lady called Suzie at Clear Blue Skies became our go to person.  Suzie got a good feel for what kind of property we required and gave us lots of advice. We arrived as planned in Tenerife on 25th June with an appointment to meet Suzie on 28th June.  We had just sat down at Clear Blue Skies when my phone rang, it was our estate agent to say we had a cash buyer and they wanted a quick sale. Game on!

Suzie then introduced us to Shaun, who took us out the following day to view properties.  Shaun collected us from our hotel and spent the whole day driving us from village to village, from property to property, from sea to shining sea!

Shaun’s knowledge of the island and the towns was influential in helping us choose our ‘forever home’.  By Thursday we had found the property we wanted to purchase. Suzie and Shaun had already explained the purchasing process and suggested we see a lawyer before flying back to UK on Saturday.  Clear Blue Skies arranged and appointment with Abogados Martin and Torella, both Cristina Torella Echeverri and Santiago Martin speak perfect English and were very efficient throughout the process. We gave Cristina Power of Attorney to open bank accounts, get our certificates required to purchase and purchase our property. Shaun then arranged a second viewing before we put our deposit down. The decision was made to secure the property and we flew home on Saturday 2nd July, secure in the knowledge that Clear Blue Skies would do everything they could to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible.

Throughout the next 10 weeks we had constant updates from Shaun and Suzie which reassured us the process in Tenerife was running smoothly. The only hiccups we encountered were all on the UK side of our sale.  On 14th September we became proud new owners of our lovely new home in Tenerife.  Clear Blue Skies involvement didn’t end there. We flew to Tenerife on 20th September, Shaun was waiting at the airport, Shaun us assisted with the collection of our little dog from Cargo Handling. He took us to our new property in Amarilla Golf.  The following day, Shaun picked collected us from our property and took us to see Santiago to collect our Title Deeds.  Shaun then took us to register ourselves as residents and get Certificado of Empadronamiento.From start to finish we have been treated like royalty and we cannot thank or recommend Clear Blue Skies enough, especially Shaun and Suzie.  Clear Blue Skies made what could have been a very stressful process, simple.

Anyone thinking of purchasing in Tenerife make Clear Blue Skies your first port of call, you won’t regret it.

Stella and Lyndon Preece

Lyndon & Stella Preece - Purchaser

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Surinder & Bronwen Bhabuta Who Sold in Callao Salvaje

Very helpful

Surinder & Bronwen Bhabuta - Seller

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Mr Paul Mitchinson Who Sold in Castle Harbour

Very happy and impressed with entire package - 10/10.

Mr Paul Mitchinson - Seller

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Mrs & Mr Smith Who Sold in Tijoco Bajo

Mrs & Mr Smith - Seller

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Mr Scott Newman Who Sold in Playa de la Arena

Mr Scott Newman - Seller

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Jack & Linda Smith Who Bought in Parque de la Reina

Excellent. We found Jamie Martin to be polite, well mannered, but most of all very helpful. Also the staff at the office were very helpful, polite, knowledgable to all our needs. We have no hesitation in recommending Clear Blue Skies. With sincere thanks to all concerned.

Jack & Linda Smith - Purchaser

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Mrs Mampaey & Mr Peeters Who Bought in Tijoco Bajo

Mrs Mampaey & Mr Peeters - Purchaser

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Mr Piggott Who Bought in Playa Paraiso

Being in the UK I chatted for a while via e-mail to a young lady named Suzie. Very good at communication, she e-mailed me to go to an exhibition at Manchester and on doing so I met the family members. From there, made my way to the Clear Blue Skies office then shown property and from that bought a property. I have recomended to a friend who is calling to your office. Well done staff.

Mr Piggott - Purchaser

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Russ & Sue Manson Who Bought in Torviscas

Jamie was very professional and polite, he often went beyond what I would have expected regarding Customer Service to make sure our initial visit went as smooth as possible.

Russ & Sue Manson - Purchaser

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Mr Arty Hunter Who Bought in Castle Harbour

Jamie was very helpful in all my requirement’s and thought of nothing to take me here and there going back to the same apartment just to have another look to decide which one I was looking for. I was helped out with the information for the banking and solicitors which made my holidays mush easier to say the least. All in all the going for the first time to purchase an apartment and now look I am an owner of apartment in Castle Harbour.

Mr Arty Hunter - Purchaser

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Vanessa Villegas Who Purchased in Chiguergue

Very professional even though it was a complicated process.  All the team have made us feel secure and have done everything possible to process the purchase.

Vanessa Villegas - Purchaser

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

David Peters Who Sold in Los Almendros

Totally professional, friendly and made the process of selling very simple. Would not hesitate to recommend this excellent company.

David Peters - Seller

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Belinda and Jonathan Who Bought in Garachico

We have always been impressed with the service from Clear Blue Skies. Unlike other Estate Agents we were only shown properties appropriate to our needs. Clear Blue Skies found us our "dream" Finca in the beautiful north of Tenerife !

Belinda and Jonathan - Purchaser

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Mr Benigno Acosta Gonzalez Who Sold in Garachico

A special and personal service.  An excellent estate agency both in the office and in person showing our finca,  for our part we are very grateful.  Thank you

Mr Benigno Acosta - Seller

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Mr Paul Van Dyck who Bought in Cape Salema, Palm Mar

Although we started on the wrong foot, after that everything went smoothly and we have not experienced anything negative with our purchase.

Mr Paul Van Dyck - Purchaser

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Mrs Helen Rogers who Sold in Porta Nova

We first bought in Porta Nova 2 years ago with Paul which was extremely helpful, he even bought us a DVD player for the apartement. This time we did not deal with him but mainly with Neil and Jamie. I would recommend Clear Blue Skies. Thank you for all your help.

Mrs Helen Rogers - Seller

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Mr Martin Garcia-Denoel who bought in Terraza del Faro

We have had a great experience buying because it all happened in a spur of the moment as we were a short time on Tenerife and the sale happens far from home, but with the very good help of the lawyer Santiago Martin, super laywer that is. We are very happy with our purchase and think we have done a good deal. But as mentioned before it all happened fast.

Mr Martin Garcia-Denoel - Purchaser

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Mr & Mrs Stephenson Who Purchased in Amarilla Golf

The service I received from CBS, was nothing short of amazing!

It all started in March at the Homes in the sun exhibition in Manchester, where my wife and I met Shaun, he spent a great deal of time explaining the areas in Tenerife, took details of what we were after, and quickly followed this up with a number of potential properties that matched our requirements.

In early April we were out in Tenerife on holiday, and once again Shaun came up trumps, he picked us up each afternoon, and spent many hours showing us not just the houses, but also the different areas in Tenerife and what they had to offer. On the second day, Shaun came up with a wild card (a house above our initial price list). We visited it, my wife fell in love with it, I was not too sure, so we left it at that. We continued looking throughout the rest of the week, but nothing ticked the boxes. On our last day, we asked for a second viewing, and Shaun took us round, we spent more time there this time, and Shaun managed to negotiate that the vendor would meet us halfway between our budget and his price. The deal was done, 15 mins later we were at the CBS offices having a beer and putting down a deposit.

We then returned home, and that is when the floodgates opened, in the 1st week, we were contacted by the Spanish lawyer (Carlos at CDF) and currency exchange firm that CBS works with, we then visited a notary in the UK, and granted Carlos (the Lawyer) power of attorney, and things just went from good to amazing.

Carlos did his usual bit (searches etc) and also opened a bank account for us, set up the utility bills and then proceeded to purchase the house on our behalf. All we had to do was transfer the money over and turn up in late May, to sign our Spanish wills and put a float in the bank account, wow what a service!

CBS were amazing, they picked us up at the airport, took us to the house and gave us the keys, stayed around to make sure that all utilities were working, and then came back the next day to take us to Carlos’ office, where we did the signatures, and were duly transported to see the bank manager and the notary. Once all complete, we called CBS, who picked us up and transported us home.

Looking back, the service that CBS provided was second to none, we were made to feel like royalty, we received regular updates on progress whilst in the UK, and were guided through the process, and no question was too stupid.

It has been a while since I bought a house in the UK, and the thought of doing it in Tenerife was very daunting, CBS made sure that we were aware of everything that was going on at each stage, and what to expect going forward.

The service we received was unequalled, and when you combine this with the expertise of Carlos (the Spanish lawyer), and the service provided by the currency experts (told me when to transfer and saved us £7K), I cannot speak highly enough of CBS and the service provided. In this age of doing things to make a fast buck, it is heartwarming to find a company who care about their clients and go the extra mile to make sure that everything goes smoothly (I include Carlos and the Currency company in that).

Perhaps the estate agents in the UK should take a leaf out of CBS’ book, as I have never seen this sort of service in the UK, and would like to thank everyone (Special thanks also to Paul, Alison and Ash) that helped us to find, and purchase our dream house in the sun!

Mr & Mrs Stephenson - Purchaser

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Mrs Janet Ridings Who Sold in Tajao

Janet Ridings - Seller

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L.

Mr Justin Oliver Who Bought in Tajao

Everyone was very helpful. I drove Ashley mad for 2 months but we got there in the end. Reliable, trustworthy and professional. Thank you very much, it was a pleasure working with Ashley and the team.

Mr Justin Oliver - Purchaser

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